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Journey Through the Decade [Posted 01/01/11]

Ten years. Wow.

Call it nostalgia or sentimentality, but I had to take a moment to mark this anniversary. For all its flaws, I just canít help but love this comic and its characters. Every time I think Iíve put them behind me, I find myself drawing Scott, Kevin, Annamae and Erin one more time. FOGClub was my first serious attempt at producing a comic and as a whole remains the largest body of work Iíve ever made.

This comic has garnered both fans and haters, practically from the beginning. There was a time when I debated taking the site down, but every now and again Iíll get a message from a fan saying they just re-read the comic, and itís for you folks that I kept it up. Thank you to everyone who enjoyed what I did here and I hope youíll continue to follow my work and enjoy it as well.

Most importantly, I canít ignore the effect this comic has had on my life. If it werenít for FOGClub, I may have never met some of the incredible people I proudly call my friends to this day and for that reason alone I will always be glad I tried my hand at webcomics.

Love and rock, peace.

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